Friday, August 9, 2019

Hellblade: No WSAD To Arrows Remap?

I was going to play Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice tonight or tomorrow, only to discover you can't remap WSAD to arrow keys. I normally do, for accessibility reasons ( bad fingers and wrists ). Console gaming is clearly more important than PC. Will try and find a work around.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

On Twitch

Going forward, you can catch me streaming art and gaming adventures on Twitch!  Follow and ding the notification bell to know when I go live! ---

Midsummer Update

I'm alive. Been focusing all energy on some new endeavors and adventures the past several months. Happy I can finally start sharing info about it here.  Stayed tuned.  Hope everyone has been well.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Doing Okay

Hello everyone.  How are you all?  I am as okay as can be. The usual here, trying to keep my body from misbehaving. Doing what I can here and there as I am able. Physical therapy stuff. Fixing dislocated joints. The weather flip flopping back and forth from warm to cold doesn't help. Trying to adjust food eating ability with progressively worsening dental and jaw conditions. Not having any front teeth except few on bottom is making it very difficult.  But not much can be done.  Laughing it off as better than dieting methods because it drastically limits what I can eat. There is other stuff happening, but I am choosing not to talk about it here.  Otherwise everything is as okay as can be.  Stay warm and cozy, and be well.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Why Hurt Others?

Something I need to get out of my system. I am so sick and tired of people doing purposeful, malicious things to hurt others. Like the guy who purposefully backed into me beginning of November 2018, with his supersized pickup truck's tow hitch, on the exit ramp of the EJGH hospital parking garage, where I had stopped behind him waiting for him to continue down.  I literally did nothing wrong, besides try and read a sticker he had in his rear window. I remember thinking it was funny how big the truck was because it almost touched the parking garage ceiling, and that tow hitch stuck out so I followed with a safe distance between us.  Enough that when he stopped suddenly for no reason and sat there, I saw his reverse lights come on and had time to *honk honk* to warn him to stop, then lay full weight blaring my horn when he kept coming. But could not react fast enough to do that and put myself in reverse to avoid him. He didn't expect me to report it to the police or insurance. When his insurance company got notice from mine, he lawyered up and lied about it. Because he knew he was wrong and had something to hide.   He claimed he was in a parking spot and I hit him, knowing it would put me at fault even though it is a complete lie. There was absolutely no damage to his truck because he rammed me with his tow hitch, knowing it would damage me but not him.  Wonder how many other people he's done that to.  So now I am stuck with around $600 in damages to my car that I can't afford to fix.  My insurance won't cover anything until I exceed the $1k deductible I have. Must be nice to have money and a lawyer, to be a local influential individual who works with the local sports teams through the Superdome and as a local personal fitness coach who has been on TV.  Which he apparently is, I found out. Must be nice to have the money from that and the merchandise he sells through his company, whose logo was on the truck he hit me with.  Once again I am fucked even though I did everything right and everything I should have.  Fucked because this guy has anger management issues or whatever else caused him to do what he did.  Fucked because he lied about it to avoid responsibility.  All I wanted was to get my car fixed from damages he caused.  We won't mention that I ended up having to go to the hospital for neck and shoulder pain later that evening which turned out to be whiplash, because even a 5mph impact fucks you up when you have a connective tissue disorder.   I hope the asshole reads this one day and realizes all he did was hurt a disabled person who never did anything to hurt him.  I hope no one ever does the same thing to his daughter or anyone else he cares about. I forgive you, but I hope karma teaches you a lesson.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Broken Greenhouse

Apologies for not much posting, but on top of having to deal with painful emergency oral surgery and recovery over the holidays, and other general downers like not being able to eat much without blending it because hardly any teeth left ( new dieting strategy? lolz ), my greenhouse was totally destroyed early this morning due do unexpected severe wind storm. It was already damaged from a wind storm that happened while I was laid up from the oral surgery, and not having had the chance to fully repair that damage and some tension loss in the guy ropes. The wind brought in by this front had 50mph sustained gusts all day that just obliterated the frame and cover. I had plans to start plant propagation and seed stuff next week and document all that, but now I have nowhere to do it because we had to emergency move a full 20ft greenhouse worth of stuff into the garage. Now there is no other room even to mess with workshop or ceramics stuff or much anything else.  Finding myself at another standstill until I figure out what to do, just as I had gotten to a place where I had the momentum and means to get stuff going again.  FML. Images and stuff here:

Thursday, December 6, 2018

#Anthemgame Testdrive

Totally stoked!!  Mike and I got into the Anthem Closed Alpha happening this weekend!!  We have both been really excited waiting for more information about the game to come out.  Now we get to take a test drive!